Nagendra Ramaswami

Co-Founder & Technologist

I've built and launched seven software products in the last 15+ years. During these years I've donned different roles including Developer, Lead, Architect, Product Manager and VP of Engineering. I've worked with over a dozen VC funded Start-ups spanning multiple domains and technologies. Even though I've more experience with Microsoft technologies (.NET, COM, C++) I have enough exposure to other competing technologies that helps me maintain a neutral perspective when looking at technologies.

I firmly believe Technology should be an enabler and make things simpler. And a big part of that for me is usability of technology. I've had the opportunity to watch the evolution of the IT industry starting from early days of MS DOS to Multiple versions of Windows, Java, COM, Web, Google, .NET, iPhone, Android, Cloud Computing et. al. And witnessing the evolution of this industry so closely over the last two decades has given me some unique insights and perspectives and helps me in navigating the technology landscape that much better.

My strengths are Ability to see the Big Picture, Software Design & Architecture, Product Usability, Software Engineering, Product Management, Effective Decision-making, & Building Teams.

Rajesh Iyengar

Co-Founder & Technologist

I am an Electronics engineer by qualification. My fascination with computers and software has been instrumental in transforming me into a software professional over the last 15+ years.

I started my career at Bharat Electronics where I started to dabble with computers and software. I was instrumental in building automated verification systems that involved integrating hardware and software to verify communication/Radar systems. Subsequently at Sonata Software and CoreObjects I was involved in building application software. I have had the opportunity to work and explore various technologies - Java, J2EE and related technologies, C++, COM, .NET, OpenLaszlo, DOJO, PHP, Groovy, Android, Cloud computing, web services, social networking platforms and so on and so forth.

In all these exciting years I had the opportunity to build and launch over six version 1.0 products. I had the privilege of working with some wonderful entrepreneurs and technologists. This rich exposure helped me hone my technology, product development and entrepreneurial skills.

My strengths are in the areas of Design & Architecture, Technology Management, Product Launching, Managing Product Evolution, Agile Engineering Practices, Building and Developing teams.

Ravi Hegde


I am a Civil Engineer by training and Software Engineer by profession. My liking for computers started when I joined engineering and grew in later years. Finally the passion towards computers became the profession when I joined a software company 15 years back.

Over last 14 years I have developed several products from concept stage and operationalized them. Some of them are first of their kind without any reference point to look at. Having worked in some startups I got the opportunity to work on everything in IT from network setup to software development, database, and network/computer security. Few years into the software industry I realized the need to be platform agnostic and started applying the technology best suited to solve the problem at hand.

I have specialization in the area of software architecture, software design, extreme scalability, rich internet application (RIA), large scale load testing/performance testing and computer security. I have expertise in the area of Groovy on Grails, Java, JNI, J2EE, JMX, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Velocity, XML, ESB,Javascript, DHTML, Ajax, JUnit, Ant, Maven, JMeter, CVS, SVN, Hudson, Luntbuild, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Linux, Apache httpd, Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere, Squid cache, CDN (Akamai, Panther), Amazon EC2, Cacti, OpenNMS, Adobe Air, OpenLaszlo, jQuery, C, C++, computer security.