mNotes is a cloud-based, comprehensive Clinical Management (EHR) platform targeted at Clinicians in small private practices and hospitals in India. Its salient features include, Appointments, Patient Registrations, Medications / Refills, Allergies, Labs, Active Problems, Diagnosis, SOAP Reports, Alerts, and integration with standard databases like ICD, CPT & RxNorm. The product is in closed beta since early 2015. Technology stack: Groovy / Grails, HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Angular Material, PostgreSQL

On Demand Mobile Cloud Platform

ODMC is a sophisticated platform for hosting mobile devices on the cloud. The solution is targeted at companies that need to test their mobile apps on different OS and hardware platforms in different geographies. The platform provides seamless integration with development tools like Eclipse and Monkey Talk to deploy, test and debug applications from within the development environment over the web.

Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics collects data from millions of social network profiles and analyzes them to provide intelligent insights about the brand of their interest to brand managers. Analytics data provides insights into a brand's strengths, weaknesses and the competitors - like where and how the competition is. Brand managers can use this analysis to take action (called actionable analytics) to improve better business outcome for the brand. This application has highly interactive web interface built on jQuery.

Healthcare Service Relationship Management

An information and communication hub that lets healthcare consumers manage relationships with all their healthcare service providers. Tools like virtual waiting room, campaign gateway that uses preferred communication channels and interest areas, enable consumers to receive information that suits their needs.

Sports Entertainment Platform

Provides second-by-second running commentary, player data and photographs from the stadium of live sports. Game updates are faster than TV feed - meaning what the users see in this application shows up on TV after several seconds. It has very interactive user interface. Architected to scale to tens of thousands of concurrent users, experiencing multiple games and sports simultaneously. Fully integrated back end monitoring and management capabilities were implemented using JMX. Used CDN integration for better user experience.


Cloud storage platform made to replace tape storage. RESTful services for data storage/retrieval. Highly scalable platform to store peta bytes of data. Data replication to multiple data centers for redundancy and failover. XFS over LVM.

Gogii Text +

Allows users to send unlimited text messages for free. It is extremely scalable text messaging platform. It was sending 30 million messages per day in 2010. Architected with enterprise service bus back end for high scalability and prioritizing message delivery. Database sharding has been used to achieve database scalability. Designed to run on off-the-shelf hardware.

Social Communication Platform

A Communication hub for users to connect with their contacts across different channels viz., Email, IM, social networking platforms like Facebook, and online communities like Youth sports; alumni etc.

Productivity Tool For Lawyers

Enterprise knowledge management platform for law firms. It provided free-text and meta-data driven search for easy access to legal documents stored in large (2-5 million documents) document repositories immensely increasing the productivity of lawyers.

Internt PC Postage

Most secure PC Postage software ever built. The product received FIPS 140-2 certification for its security. The product, first of its kind, made it possible for SOHO users to print postage stamps over the internet without the need for any expensive hardware or dongle.