Building technology products is lot more than developing software!

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Are you a Startup building a new technology or product and not sure what are your risks?
How are you mitigating the technology risks in your new product development ventures?
Are you well prepared to deal with system failures that could result in service outages and loss of revenue?
Does your build & release management let you manage quick patches to production systems?
How quickly can you restore services should the database server crash in the middle of the night?
How are you mitigating the security risks associated with on-line products and services?
Are you concerned that your product may not scale when the load on system increases 2 to 3 times?

Firespike could be your technology partner in product strategy, architecture and implementation.

We’re a technology company with deep experience building full-fledged, enterprise and end-user applications spanning several technologies and problem domains. To date, we have worked closely with over 15 early-stage companies and a few established companies based out of United States and India.